Share vCard FAQ

How to pick a contact to use in the share vCard App?

Use the person icon in the bottom app bar (second icon to the right) to pick a contact from your address book. If you do not have created a contact for yourself in your address book, do so first and then select this contact in the share vCard app.

On app start the data automatically updates in case there are changes in the contact data. By re-selecting the contact an update can be triggered manually.

Based on what criteria does the app filter work or personal data?

With the second icon to the left, share card allows to filter what data to use when sharing your vCard. This filtering is based on the labels of addresses, emails or phone numbers. Use home as label for all items that you flag as being personal, work for all items that are work-related. Some special rules apply:

  • The birthday is considered being a personal item. It is not shared, when sharing work details only.

  • Job and company are not shared, when sharing personal details only

  • The mobile phone number (a phone having the label iPhone or mobile) is shared both when sharing personal or work details.

  • When sharing mobile details only, then only the name and the mobile number are shared.

The last selected filter will be persisted and kept until a different filter is selected.

My mobile phone is not shared when selecting the private or work filter. How to resolve?

In case your mobile phone number has a work or home label (or similar), then it will also be affected by the selected filter. If you want your mobile to be shared always, then just change its label in your phones address book to mobile or iPhone. Re-select the contact in the share vCard app to update the data in the share vCard app.

The image picker does not allow to select additional images. How to resolve?

In case the image picker does not allow to select new images, just kill the share vCard app entirely and restart the app. This will reset the image picker. Killing means swiping up from the bottom of the phone to show the app selector and then swiping up the share vCard app to remove it from the app selector list.

I can use several images, but which image is shared in the vCard?

The currently visible image is the one that is included in the vCard. In case no image should be shared, then move right or left until the no image logo is shown. Sharing the vCard when this image is visible will simply not share any image.

The last selected image stays selected until a different image is selected.

What is the in-app purchase for?

Every time a vCard is shared using the app, a small note is added to the vCard that points to the app in the App Store (for promotional reasons). This does not in any way affect the functionality of the app. The in-app purchase will permanently remove this link from shared vCards.

What is your privacy policy?

The share vCard app does not store any data. The entire privacy policy can be seen here: privacy policy.

I have a question, how to get in touch?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions via e-mail:

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